Geoscience and gypsies: the universal power of statistical ordination techniques by Richard Arthur ReymentNEWS

Posted by Richard Reyment Mon, June 30, 2014 15:41:44

The topics discussed deal with Gypsy languages, Moorish substrates,and fossil squids. There is a uniting element, to wit, the element known as Ordination.

The Founder of Japanese Botanical Research by Carl Peter Thunberg (1743-1828)NEWS

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Ammonite dimorphismNEWS

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The geometry of planispirally coiled ammonite shells is now available by consulting my

Home Page ( Questions relating to dimorphism of shells, post-mortem transport of conchs, the application of the Perron theorem are reviewed.

ammonite modelsPICTURES

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In answer to popular request, my paper on the exact construction of models of ammonite shells and post-mortem flotational experiments (from 1980) is now available under Download 189 on my Homepage.

invariance and lograrithmic correlationDiscussion 2012

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An updated and expanded version of the InvarianceProject

Melbourne Aust.PICTURES

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invariancein ammonite shellsNEWS

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Check out my homepage ( There is a draft manuscript listed which deals with invariance in some characters of ammonite shells as well as the effects of the logarithmic spiral on the analysis of lateral variability in ammonite shells.


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